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About Us

Enhancing Learning Ltd is an independent consultancy company based on the south coast. The company was established in 2003 and is now responsible for supporting over 450 educational organisations throughout England and Wales.

Our clients include:

  • Local Authorities
  • F.E. and H.E. Colleges
  • Excellence in Cities Clusters
  • Network Learning Communities
  • E.A.Z.s
  • Individual schools and school clusters

Enhancing Learning Ltd seeks to provide the highest quality support to its clients, offering training and development programmes that are tailor-made to meet the varying needs and requirements of today’s educational and business organisations. From national conferences to 1-to-1 coaching, our company offers a range of professional development 'systems' to support leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, advisors and other members working within learning organisations.

Enhancing Learning Ltd is a genuine 'futures thinking' company, focusing on educational issues that will have a significant impact on 'school transformation' and elements that will play a major role in improving the quality of 'learning for all'.

Enhancing Learning Ltd are also delighted to support a number of national educational organisations, including NCSL and QCA.