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Our Mission

At ES4S, we are dedicated to providing effective professional development that is relevant to the clients needs. Our main priority is to provide a quality support and professional development service for educational and business organisations in developing and promoting a culture of learning for all. ES4S provide this by working to a clear set of values:

  • ES4S has a commitment to learning, for all
  • ES4S will act in a professional manner throughout the whole period of support, from the initial contact to any follow up work that might be agreed
  • ES4S will provide its clients with relevant information that is at the forefront of current research

and aims:

  • ES4S aims to ensure that its support service is of the highest quality and is tailored specifically to the needs of individuals and organisations
  • ES4S aims to provide whatever support and professional development the client may require
  • ES4S. aims to take into consideration the background and circumstances of the client throughout the support service
  • ES4S aims to provide the client with clear,manageable aspects for development, whenever possible
  • ES4S aims to offer independent, non-judgemental advice