Contact Enhancing Learning Ltd

For a discussion about your requirements call:

01202 267 066 or email

As our clients, what can you expect from ES4S?

When making an initial enquiry:

  • Detailed information on all services available and all costs. This information will be made available to you by phone, e-mail or an information pack will be sent to you
  • Appropriate details will be taken, about the client, to ensure that future support and development meets their specific needs
  • Requests can be made for evaluations or feedback from previous clients

Before your support and development service:

  • Written confirmation will be sent to the client. This confirmation will include date/s, costs, agreed venue and focus for the support service
  • The client will be contacted, either by e-mail or phone, to agree an agenda for the support session. Other details, including the ‘target audience’, and the schedule will be agreed at this point.
  • The client will be contacted regarding any necessary resources that might be required

On the day(s) of your development service:

  • The ES4S representative will arrive at the venue well before the session is due to start. This will be usually be at least an hour before the start.
  • Any questions you may have will be answered competently and professionally
  • The service will aim to provide the client with practical suggestions/solutions that have proved to be effective in a wide range of organisations . These will never be offered as ‘THE’ solution.
  • The service will aim to help the client to reflect on their current practice
  • The service will be delivered using a range of ‘delivery’ styles so as to meet the needs of the whole audience

Support after the development session:

  • Further follow-up support and development services will be made available
  • Further correspondence and appropriate materials will be sent to your organisation as a result of the session, unless you request otherwise