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Being the very best - Full SLA of virtual CPD programmes for all staff

Friday, July 30, 2021
Region and Venue: 
United Kingdom

Being the very best
A series of virtual CPD programmes for all staff
 Full Service Level Agreement
Aim -To connect school professionals, locally, nationally and internationally, in the highest quality virtual professional learning and development 
Objectives - 

    • To engage all staff, including school leaders, teachers, HLTSs/TAs and LTSs (Lunchtime Supervisors) in effective collaborative network learning communities (NLCs)
    • To explore and increase professional capital across all schools
    • To identify and improve specific issues around cultural proficiency 
    • To introduce and use a wide range of systems and processes for increasing a school’s capacity for improvement and long-term sustainability
    • To engage all staff in a variety of professional learning processes that increase deeper professional thinking and learning 


  • Professional learning and development that is grounded in current research and aimed at maximising impact around whole school improvement
  • Workshop timings that are conducive to your school day, placing less demand on classroom cover and supply costs (e.g. workshops that could run from 2pm to 5pm)
  • Highest quality virtual training/professional development that engages all staff in deeper professional thinking and learning
  • Greater progression due to progressional modules and inter-sessional professional learning tasks.
  • Access to a virtual learning platform with online resources and community collaboration tools
  • Opportunities for all staff to learn with and through professionals from other educational organisations, locally, nationally and internationally 
  • Continuity of progression and the same message. Opportunity for all staff to work with one facilitator, increasing levels of psychological safety for all staff 
  • Developed confidence with virtual professional learning and development
  • Significantly reduced costs (when compared with face-to-face professional development sessions) and a greener/eco-friendly approach to professional development