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Bitesize - Developing pedagogical expertise

Sunday, August 1, 2021
Region and Venue: 
United Kingdom

Summary - Bitesize has been specifically designed to support teachers in embedding successful pedagogical approaches in every classroom. The programme will support individuals in developing their understanding of highly effective teaching and will provide a range of practical strategies and approaches to meet the needs of all learners.   The programme focuses pedagogical principles that have a significant effect-size of pupil learning and how these can be incorporated in any lesson or learning experience.
Aspects of teaching and learning covered through this programme will include:

    • Consistency in every classroom and every curriculum area
    • A classroom culture for successful learning
    • How different learners learn
    • Understanding the basics of effective learning
    • Principles for teaching to long-term memory
    • Moving from shallow to deeper learning...and knowing when.
    • Essential skills of an effective teacher
    • Ensuring interaction has an impact