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There has been a recent surge in the number of schools looking at coaching as being a major part of their continual professional development programme.  If introduced thoroughly and systematically and led well, there is little doubt that coaching can provide a dynamic and progressive approach to improvement at whole school and individual levels.  For many schools, much of the CPD/adult learning is controlled by hierarchy, as in the control of another and is delivered with an aim of ‘pushing' individuals forward regarding performance.  Coaching supports a transformational shift from where the adult learning is ‘done' to the members to a culture in which individuals take responsibility for their own learning, take control of professional development and make themselves accountable.

It is important for schools to recognise the difference between mentoring and coaching and for leaders to recognise that coaching may not be the most appropriate form of CPD for some of their organisation.  However, for at least 80% of individuals, coaching is proving to be the most effective approach to achieving significant improvement in performance.  Are you developing a coaching programme within your organisation?

Enhancing Learning Ltd can offer a range of coaching programmes, including whole-school awareness training about the key principles of coaching, specific training for identified coaches within the school and one-to-one coaching for leaders.