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Corporate and Business Professional Development

The Aspire Programme for Team Leaders, Middle Managers and future managers


  • To improve organisational outcomes by increasing leadership capital 
  • To develop, establish and embed a professional learning programme for future leaders and managers
  • Ensuring consistency in the quality of leadership and management and succession planning. 
  • To increase professional awareness and understanding of organisational leadership and management and the essential competencies needed to lead in an ever-changing and complex world. 



No organisation can be a great organisation without getting leadership right.

Middle managers and team leaders are the work engine of any organisation.  In many cases, they have a greater day-to-day impact on overall organisational effectiveness than senior managers.  Outstanding middle leaders are visible throughout the organisation and develop higher quality professionals and then retain them in the organisation.  They motivate and support other staff, including senior managers.

The position of Team Leader/middle Manager has changed beyond recognition and any individual who takes on this responsibility should now be expected to play a major role in effective and continual organisational improvement. The duty of team leaders and middle managers has moved from one of maintenance to authentic leadership and individuals are expected to step-up to this complex and challenging role. It is essential for future managers and leaders, within any organisation, to operate with a deep understanding of how their leadership impacts on organisational-wide effectiveness.