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Head Teacher and Deputy Head Development Programmes

Our programmes have been designed to explore highly effective senior leadership within successful schools and the role played by individual senior leaders in establishing a strong, vibrant professional culture.  In a time of relentless change, the only certainty is that new challenges and opportunities will emerge in education.  Highly effective leadership, in the future, will demand a mastery of a modern set of leadership behaviours and attitudes.
Our programmes have been been designed specifically for senior leaders, including Deputy Heads and Assistants Heads, and focuses on exploring how senior leaders create a culture for success, ensuring every individual reaches their full potential. 
School leaders, particularly Head Teachers, Deputy Heads and Assistant Heads, have a key role to play in setting direction and creating a positive school culture including the proactive school mindset, and supporting and enhancing staff motivation and commitment needed to foster improvement and promote success for schools in challenging circumstances.
Our programmes support senior leaders in overcoming many of the ongoing leadership challenges including:

  • ensuring consistently good teaching and learning
  • integrating a sound grasp of basic knowledge and skills required for effective school leadership
  • Building capacity throughout an organisation
  • strategically managing resources and the environment
  • building the school as a professional learning community
  • developing partnerships beyond the school to encourage mature collaboration for learning and new learning opportunities.

The key dimensions of successful leadership are identified as:

  • defining the vision, values and direction
  • improving conditions for teaching and learning
  • redesigning the organisation: aligning roles and responsibilities
  • enhancing teaching and learning
  • redesigning and enriching the curriculum
  • enhancing teacher quality (including succession planning)
  • building relationships inside the school community
  • building relationships outside the school community
  • placing an emphasis on common values.