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Leaders of greater-depth teaching and learning - A 'train the trainer' virtual CPD programme

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Region and Venue: 
United Kingdom

A professional development programme with a difference!
Consistency, high expectations and high standards are not an ideal but rather a necessity and the drive to achieve these components should be led by highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident in-school facilitators. This programme has been specifically designed to support leaders of teaching and learning in how they plan and offer rigorous professional learning and development to all staff. This virtual CPD programme will support participants in developing their understanding of greater depth teaching and learning and will seek to increase an individual’s confidence in leading highly effective and rigorous professional learning experiences.   
Leaders of Greater Depth Teaching and Learningconsists of 6 specifically designed modules, each focusing on developing and promoting different aspects of highly effective teaching and learning. Individuals will be supported in developing a deeper understanding around a number of key issues, including:

    • The differences between Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Continual Professional Learning (CPL)
    • Essential ingredients for high-impact professional learning and development
    • Key Principles for greater depth teaching and learning
    • How facilitators build capacity within every member of staff, ensuring pupils receive excellence in learning
    • Developing pedagogical expertise in all staff
    • Inquire into what really has an effect on raising standards in every classroom, including metacognition and cognitive overload theory 
    • By the end of each module, participants will have knowledge, resources and ideas to lead a series of professional learning sessions within  their own school