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Middle Leader Development Programmes

Our programmes for middle leaders are designed to support individuals in developing the essential leadership qualities and characteristics needed to support headteachers and senior leaders in raising attainment and improving overall school effectiveness...a role that is now more crital than ever. The role of middle leader has moved from one of maintenance and co-ordination to one of authentic leadership.
Our programmes consider how roles and responsibilities of middle leaders have evolved from one of exemplary teacher with additional responsibility for administrative functions, such as the management of their stage or subject area, to, arguably, the most demanding, but potentially the most rewarding of people-leadership roles.  When it comes to realising the vision of raising levels of attainment for all, while minimising the impact of poverty on pupil performance, the role of middle leader is paramount. These days, given the growing acceptance of the distributed nature of leadership in schools, middle leaders have become pivotal with regard to overall school effectiveness and success. 
Every school needs a headteacher and senior leaders with a clear vision of a better future for our pupils and a coherent overall strategy for getting there. Yet, typically, it is not the headteacher who delivers the curriculum. True, also, the single most important classroom variable in raising attainment and reducing the impact on learning of background factors is the quality of classroom teaching – as evidenced in the commitment of teachers to the wellbeing of their pupils, their relationships with them and their parents and last, but hardly least, their teaching skills. Yet the quality of individual teacher–pupil encounters in classrooms, though vital, is not sufficient. Even more critical is the consistency of the quality of such encounters, not merely in individual classrooms but across the school curriculum and throughout the schooling years.
Our middle leadership programmes explores why we need effective middle leaders as the engine rooms of our schools.  On the one hand, they are team players who are accountable to the headteacher for ensuring that school policies are implemented via exemplary classroom practice. On the other hand, they are team leaders who accept a measure of responsibility not just for the wellbeing of their own pupils but for identifying, developing and harnessing the abilities of professional colleagues and jointly planning with and through them, together with their other middle leader colleagues, a coherent whole-school approach to raising attainment for all pupils.