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Our virtual programmes and Face-2-Face Conferences

Enhancing Learning Ltd hold regular virtual professional development workshops and face-to-face conferences. Each one of these events have been specifically designed to address current and future issues in education, including aspects of leadership and improving classroom practice.

Each of the virtual programmes is aimed at engaging individuals in collaborative Professional Learning Communities and at a time of most convenience with regard to a typical school day.  By scrolling down this page you will find details of our full virtual CPD menu, which includes:

  • Bright Futures for Head Teachers
  • Leading Together for Senior Leadership Teams
  • 365 Days in Leadership for Deputy Heads and Assistants Heads
  • Rising with the Tide for Middle Leaders
  • Leaders of Greater Depth Teaching and Learing - A 'Train the Trainer' programme for appointed leaders of teaching
  • Bitesize - Developing Pedagogical Expertise for Teachers
  • The Effective Guide on the Side for Teaching Assistants
  • I Make a Difference for Lunchtime Supervisors
  • From Novice to Expert for NQTs and RQTs
  • Creating a Coaching Cutlure - A 'Train the Triner' programme for appointed coaches
  • Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health for All for appointed Mental Health Leades 

Our face-to-face conferences are held in local schools or an attractive venue, are competitively priced and aim to provide delegates with a range of practical strategies linked to the focus of the session.


Being the very best - Complete menu, SLA and specific virtual CPD programmes

Virtual CPD Programme NEW*** - Aspiring to Headship (A programme for Senior Leaders aspiring to Headship)
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:


  • To improve school outcomes by increasing leadership capital 
  • To develop, establish and embed a professional learning programme for current Senior Leaders in preparation for Headship
  • Ensuring consistency in the quality of leadership and management and succession planning. 
  • To increase professional awareness and understanding of organisational leadership and management and the essential competencies needed to lead a school in an ever-changing and complex world. 

There are virtually no documented instances of troubled schools being turned around without intervention by powerful leaders. Many other factors may contribute to such turnarounds, but leadership is the catalyst.
Given that, two questions arise:

  • First, what is expected of our school leaders in today’s climate?
  • Second, what are the key ingredients of effective Senior Leadership professional development, both before and after Head Teachers are first appointed, to prepare them for the demands of their jobs?

These are important questions because accountability has changed nearly everything.

Virtual CPD Programme Bright Futures - A virtual programme for Head Teachers
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - Future Visions has been specifically designed for established and newly appointed Head Teachers.  Each of the 3 modules focuses on a critical aspect of effective leadership, organisational success and the role of the Head Teacher in ensuring that a school can continually increase its professional capacity. This Leadership Programme explores leadership skills for the ever complex and changing educational workplace.

Virtual CPD Programme Leading Together - Virtual CPD for Senior Leadership Teams
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - Leading together has been specially designed for senior leadership teams and seeks to create a context for leadership learning and building leadership learning habits that will support continual and sustained improvement. 
In today's educational world of relentless change, demands on school leaders are rapidly outdistancing the capabilities of any one person--no matter how talented.

Virtual CPD Programme 365 Days in Leadership - A virtual programme for Deputy Heads and Assistant Heads
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - 365 days in leadership has been designed to explore the role of Deputy Head/Assistant Head in establishing and maintaining a highly successful school, built on the foundations of a strong, vibrant professional culture.   For future educational leadership to have a continual impact, there is a need for all senior leaders to master and demonstrate a modern set of leadership behaviours and attitudes.  

Virtual CPD Programme Rising with the Tide - A virtual programme for Middle leaders
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - Rising with the Tide has been designed to consider the ever changing role of the middle leader and their contribution within a highly effective school.  The role of middle leader has changed beyond recognition and they are now expected to play a major role in effective and continual school improvement.   The role has changed from one of maintenance to authentic leadership and individuals are expected to step-up to this role.

Virtual CPD Programme Leaders of greater-depth teaching and learning - A 'train the trainer' virtual CPD programme
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary Consistency, high expectations and high standards are not an ideal but rather a necessity and the drive to achieve these components should be led by highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident in-school facilitators. This programme has been specifically designed to support leaders of teaching and learning in how they plan and offer rigorous professional learning and development to all staff. This virtual CPD programme will support participants in developing their understanding of greater depth teaching and learning and will seek to increase an individual’s confidence in leading highly effective and rigorous professional learning experiences. 

Virtual CPD Programme Bitesize - Developing pedagogical expertise
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - Bitesize - Developing pedagogical expertise has been specifically designed to support teachers in embedding successful pedagogical approaches in every classroom. The programme will support individuals in developing their understanding of highly effective teaching and will provide a range of practical strategies and approaches to meet the needs of all learners.   The programme focuses pedagogical principles that have a significant effect-size of pupil learning and how these can be incorporated in any lesson or learning experience.

Virtual CPD Programme The Effective Guide on the Side - Being an effective TA
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - The guide on the side looks to develop teaching assistants in how they can support the planning and delivery of effective learning experiences in every classroom. Each individual module seeks to explore a key dimension within teaching and learning and looks to develop delegates` classroom practice across all phases.

Virtual CPD Programme I make a difference - A virtual CPD programme for Lunchtime Supervisors
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - I make a difference has been specifically designed for Lunchtime Supervisors and seeks to help them understand how their role can impact on pupil outcomes  in a highly successful school.  The sessions will maintain a focus on  looking at how each individual can continually improve within their role and how they can be empowered to take responsibility for effective, safe and calm lunchtimes for every pupil.

Virtual CPD Programme From Novice to Expert - A virtual CPD programme for NQTs and RQTs
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - From Novice to Expert is a professional development programme, specifically designed for NQTs, that seeks to explore how a professional, within any classroom setting, can offer the most effective learning experiences for every young learner.  This virtual programme seeks to deepen delegates understanding around the principles of highly effective teaching and  learning whilst offering a range of practical ideas and strategies for use in any classroom.

Virtual CPD Programme A Culture of Coaching
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

Summary - A Culture of Coaching has been specifically designed to support leaders and lead staff in designing, building and embedding a professional culture in which coaching is utilised as a primary process for professional improvement. 

Virtual CPD Programme Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing
Format - Virtual Professional Learning Workshops:

A summary of the programme
This Mental Health and Wellbeing programme has been specifically designed to support School Leaders and Mental Health Leads in how they lead and manage wellbeing and positive mental health within their organisation.  The session aims to give designated leaders a deeper understanding of the more common mental health issues and how they can recognise and support colleagues who may be experiencing these in their own lives.  During this 3 hour virtual workshop, participants will explore practical methods and a range of practical tools for promoting positive wellbeing within their organisation and how they can seek to build professional resilience, both for themselves, as leaders, and for their colleagues,