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Senior Leader Development Programmes

Our Senior Leadership programmes support individual senior school leaders to develop and exhibit the essential skills, behaviours and attitudes necessary to support the headteacher in developing a culture for success within any school.
The programmes focus on how senior leaders  play a key role in developing school strategy, in addition to meeting the needs of their specific areas of responsibility within school. Their leadership experience and planning skills ensure that they understand the impact that changes in process and procedure can have on teaching and learning, and they are able to make these changes.
Our senior leadership programmes explore how highly effective senior leaders are highly aware of the political and cultural dynamics at play within school and externally. Their strong influencing skills enable them to work within these political constraints for the good of the school.  As members of the SLT, senior school leaders make a major contribution to the school's strategic plan and target-setting. They also have considerable budgetary responsibility and are expected to play their part in ensuring school resources are used wisely and well.
We consider the responsibility of senior leaders for whole-school performance in addition to being accountable for the performance of staff reporting directly to them. As with the headteacher, their focus is on continuous improvement of teaching, learning and pupil achievement.