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A culture for success

These professional development programmes have been specifically designed with the whole school team in mind. An effective organisation is one in which every adult clearly demonstrates being a learner. In such an organisation, learning and professional development is seen as an entitlement rather than something imposed by managers. Through these programmes, participants will explore the critical qualities of the most effective learning organisations, including:

  • A culture built on emotional intelligence
  • Team building
  • Effective continual professional development
  • Developing professional awareness and responsibility
  • Dynamic networks and teams
  • Systems for learning and knowledge creation
  • Moving from improvement to transformation
  • Each school/network will have a programme specifically designed to meet their individual needs and requirements.

Below are examples of whole school programmes that cover specific issues linked to effective organisations and transformational cultures.

Creating a successful culture, that is rich with professional capacity, is a highly complex process, involving a plethora of attitudes, behaviours and skills. Key in this process of building professional capacity throughout the school. A school operates with a range of sub-cultures, and for many of these, doing more of the same will have minimal impact on increasing overall effectiveness. The most successful schools have created systems and processes that promote authentic layered accountability together with appropriate support. Many organisations, including schools, operate with a large number of work-groups, but far fewer teams. The difference between the two is significant and the pupils that are being served by these groups of professionals deserve nothing less than to be led by individuals who are part of high-performing teams.
This session will seek to offer a range of practical approaches and tools that support the development of a culture of continual improvement, at all levels.

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