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Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Our programmes within the outstanding teaching and learning section have been developed to support schools in achieving effective learning for all young learners. Regardless of subject area, curriculum content or age of the learners, there are aspects of learning that should be consistent and embedded throughout the school. These critical issues determine the quality of learning experienced by every child and supports moving professional practice beyond good. These programmes have been designed to support leaders, class teachers and teaching assistants develop professional awareness around features of outstanding practice, including:

  • Closing the gap - Equality for every learner
  • Classroom interventions that make a difference
  • Effective learning approaches for different types of learner
  • Processing and understanding learning …. Moving beyond shallow learning
  • Developing metacognitive classrooms and Learning to learn strategies
  • Assessment for learning and evaluation of learning
  • Essential intelligent behaviours 
  • Developing growth mindset 
  • Effective learning processes
  • Supporting boys as effective learners

Each of the programmes seek to develop participants understanding of learning whilst providing a range of practical strategies for use in all classrooms.

This programme has been designed for all staff involved in developing the learners of young learners within a primary-phase school.
This programme will explore what will be required to be a successful learner in the 21st century, and the support needed to develop a range of learning behaviours and attitudes.
More Tools for the Toolkit is the second practical professional development session that looks to develop the use of effective learning and thinking tools within a learning environment.
This training programme will look to develop the behaviours and skills required for effective participation in assessment for learning.
This practical training session will look to develop the use of effective learning and thinking tools within a learning environment.